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Meeting the Shortfall

The McKell Institute has unveiled a policy action plan to show how licensed clubs can assist governments to overcome surging demand for social services by providing affordable child care and aged care facilities.

Inspired by two real-life case studies,the Report recommends a ‘cradle to the grave’ approach to club services driven by an expansion into child and aged care.

In the Report, the McKell Institute calls on governments to find innovative solutions to meet the challenges of our aging population and contracting labour force.

The Report found that not-for-profit clubs, with their extensive community networks, sizeable facilities and capital expenditure programs, are an untapped resource ‘perfectly positioned’ to offer the social services desired by communities.

“Clubs have deep, established community roots. They are trusted non-profit entities” said McKell Institute Executive Director Sam Crosby.

“Crucially, clubs already have much of the infrastructure in place. We just have to get the incentives and structures right to make this possible.”

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McKell Institute Report Meeting the Shortfall.