Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a popular activity -  more than 5 million Australians play a poker machine at least once a year. 

While the majority of Australians enjoy gambling in a responsible way, Clubs Australia recognises that problem gambling is a serious issue for a small number of people.

We are committed to making sure that clubs provide a responsible and safe environment for community members that choose to participate in gambling.

We believe that regulated, community-owned gambling is the best method for the delivery of responsible gambling products.  

Clubs work with many stakeholders, including researchers, local counselling services and state governments, to provide a suite of resources that assist those in need.

Over the years, clubs have developed and fine-tuned a range of tools and resources, such as multi-venue self-exclusion.  And we will continue to trial and test measures to find solutions that work.

Years of research tells us that problem gambling is a complex issue with no ‘quick fix’ or "silver bullet" solutions.  

Clubs Australia supports credible and evidence-based measures that effectively address  problem gambling, and rejects unreasonable and untested measures put forward by people interested only in stopping gambling. 

Here are some of the ways the industry, with the support of Clubs Australia, is helping:   

"Part of the Solution"

Part of the Solution is a nation-wide, industry funded awareness campaign that launched in 2012 to communicate the range of tools available in clubs to support problem gamblers.  The campaign focuses on the active role that clubs play in reducing problem gambling in the community.  There are a number of effective harm minimisation tools currently available in clubs to support patrons.  These include:

  • Staff Trained in Responsible Gambling
  • Better Self Exclusion Programs
  • 24/7 Counselling Services
  • No Credit Betting

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At the heart of the "Part of the Solution" campaign is a policy document that outlines the club industry's plan to further combat problem gambling.   

Not all harm minimisation measures are the result of government intervention.  The club industry has trialled and initiated many policies that benefit club patrons and their communities. 

Recently, the club industry pioneered the creation of multi-venue self exclusion, an online tool that enables gamblers to self-exclude from multiple clubs at the click of a button for the very first time. 

As an industry, we recognise that we cannot solve problem gambling on our own, but we will continue working with stakeholders to be part of the solution.

Thousands of clubs across 

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'Part of the Solution' Policy Recommendations