Social Gaming

In recent years there has been rapid growth in the playing of online interactive games, including ‘gambling-style’ games that simulate poker machines, roulette, poker and blackjack.

Encouraging best practice

Social gaming is a type of entertainment that mimics real gambling activity without offering prize money.

Clubs Australia has developed a set of best practice principles to ensure that clubs can offer ‘gambling-style’, or other, social gaming services to their members in a responsible manner.

We recommend, as a matter of best practice, that ‘gambling-style’ social gaming services offered by clubs comply with the following principles:

  1. be for promotional and entertainment purposes only and not include any prizes with real value (e.g. money, loyalty points, vouchers etc);
  2. comply with the relevant Federal, State and Territory gambling advertising regulations;
  3. restrict access by minors through strict age verification procedures;
  4. ensure advertising of the service does not deliberately or explicitly target minors;
  5. provide games that have odds of winning consistent with the land-based activities they represent;
  6. offer a pre-commitment facility that allows customers to voluntarily set limits on their playing time;
  7. provide a self-exclusion mechanism that allows customers to ban themselves from the service;
  8. provide appropriate responsible gambling messaging and links to problem gambling help services;
  9. not include any false, misleading or deceptive statements and provide a fair and balanced perspective of gambling;
  10. adhere to prevailing community standards and not include content that is indecent or offensive;
  11. direct user to a privacy policy that is compliant with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Principles; and
  12. seek guidance from the state or territory regulator on the suitability of the service. 

Clubs Australia's industry guidelines were developed by an expert advisory panel assembled to investigate all aspects of social gaming.