Media Releases


    Clubs Australia Invites Senator Hanson-Young To Open Her Eyes 23.10.2014 An open invitation to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to make an inaugural visit to Western Sydney to visit Revesby Workers’ Club Read more
    Mandatory Pre-Commitment Dumped (Again) 22.08.2014 Mandatory pre-commitment has been dumped by one of the few jurisdictions in the world to adopt it Read more
    Napthine Government Continues With Plan to Kill Community Clubs 28.03.2014 Community clubs across Victoria are reeling after yesterday’s announcement by the Napthine Government Read more
    A Brighter Future Ahead As Victoria’s Community Clubs Unite 27.03.2014 Victoria’s community clubs can now look forward to a brighter future Read more
    Not-For-Profit Clubs Welcome Red Tape Reduction 25.03.2014 Clubs Australia today welcomed the passing of the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill Read more
    Clubs Australia Congratulates Nation’s Oldest Bowling Club on Turning 150 14.03.2014 This week, Melbourne Bowling Club became the first bowling club to turn 150. Read more