Community Partners

As part of our industry-wide commitment to the community, Clubs Australia forms partnerships with leading non-profits and charitable organisations.

Official Partner


Australian Red Cross

In 2015, Clubs Australia formed a partnership with the Australian Red Cross to address the often unrecognised impact of heat waves on vulnerable community members.

Statistics show that heatwaves are a hidden killer, responsible for causing more deaths in Australia than any other natural hazard, including floods, cyclones and bushfires. 

A 12 month pilot program will explore the ways in which clubs and the Red Cross can work together to assist at-risk individuals and prevent heat-related stress and illness.  This program is funded by a $50,000 grant from Clubs Australia. 

Sponsored Events & Other Affiliations 

After been approached directly by the Australian Human Rights Commission, Clubs Australia signed on to support the: Racism.  It Stops With Me initiative.  Clubs across Australia have taken a stand against racism, their campaign activities coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March 2013).

In conjunction with the Australian Men's Shed Association, Clubs Australia proudly sponsored the 2012 Men's Shed Open Day and Blokes Barby which took place in the grounds of Parliament House, Canberra.  Many clubs fund or support Men's Sheds across Australia.

In 2011, Clubs Australia supported blind cyclist Lorin Nicholson in his quest to ride 1,800 km from Brisbane to Melbourne, raising money for Vision Australia. Throughout his journey, Lorin was accompanied by his co-pilot and son Andrew. The pair were supported by dozens of clubs as they travelled towards Melbourne.

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